Jordi Ng is a New York City-based graphic designer, art director and occasional illustrator.
She is currently an Art Director at Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.
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Columbia Books on Architecture and the City
Book design for Aeropolis, written by Nerea Calvillo and published by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City. Aeropolis follows air across its many forms—through smog and dust, bodies and breath, pollen, and weeds––laying out an unruly and relational way of designing-thinking-making across human and non-human matter, geopolitical ecologies, and aerial regimes. The book insists that we acknowledge the diversity of air and its relations, both physically and affectively; that we become sensible to it by living, breathing, seeing, holding, touching, queering airs.

The book features a clear glossy foil stamp and a blind-embossed air particulate pattern over the cover. Throughout the interior pages, the oversized page numbers move up and down the page, fluctuating in response to Nerea’s narrative shifts in the footnotes.

Aeropolis is available to purchase from Columbia Books on Architecture and the City here.
Written by Nerea Calvillo
Published by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City

Edited by Isabelle Kirkham-Lewitt and Joanna Joseph
Assistant Editor: Meriam Soltan
Lithography: Marjeta Morinc
Cover Pattern: John Provencher