Jordi Ng is a (Singaporean-born) (NYC-based) graphic designer, illustrator and witch-in-training. 

Born in Singapore, she previously lived in Los Angeles and is now based in New York City. Her personal practice revolves around the study, elevation and break-down of arts and culture. She’s interested in branding, music, print & editorial design, Scandinavian literature, and national identity. 

Currently working at Wieden + Kennedy (NY), she was previously at &Walsh (NY), Do Lab (LA) and Do Not Design (SG). Some recent clients/collaborators include Stones Throw Records, Sudan Archives, Tiny Splendor, Live Nation, O’Healy Skin, Heardwell Music, and more.

Work available for purchase at Skylight Books (LA) and Family Books (LA).

1 It’s Nice That
2 Design 360 
3 Ino.Nica 
4  Pekezine

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