Jordi Ng is a (Singaporean-born) (NYC-based) graphic designer, illustrator and witch-in-training. 

Playspagheto Zine

“Playspagheto” is an illustrated comic that experiments with a combination of blunt poetry and surreal illustration. The title is an obvious play on classic pornographic and entertainment magazine Playboy. The book aims to examine modern-day erotica and lend an wildly alternative narrative to sexual desire, with themes of bondage and sado-masochism projected upon animals, as well as inanimate everyday objects and foods. It borrows lines from the translated poems of Li Shangyin. 

Printed on 80lb gloss paper and saddle-stitched. Limited edition of 10 copies. All copies have now been sold.

Booklet: 8.5” x 11”, saddle-stitched