Jordi Ng is a New York City-based graphic designer, art director and occasional illustrator.
She is currently an Art Director at Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.
You can contact her at

Book design and art direction for A24’s Florida! — a 574-page hyper-local travel guide book to the most far-out state in America. The book features a puffy cover with blocky, eccentric display typography reminiscent of classic Florida postcards (here, a stretched version of Zaft by Jacob J. Wise). The color palette revolves around a “Florida Pink” swatch, a shade of pink that was pulled from the wildlife and architecture of the state. Each chapter of the book corresponds to a different geographical part of the state and begins with a fold-out illustrated map of the locations and landmarks in that chapter. Folios on the side of each page provide strong wayfinding and a sense of location throughout the book. 

Florida! is available to purchase from the A24 Shop here.
Edited by Gabrielle Calise
Published by A24

Designed and art directed with Elana Schlenker
Illustrated by Gabriel Alcaca
Photo editing by Kyra Goldstein 
Special thanks to Shayan Saalabi
Head of A24 Publishing: Perrin Drumm
Bloomberg Businessweek 
2022 – ongoing

  • The Year Ahead 2024 Issue
    I came up with the idea of a maze with its lines descending into scribbles as a metaphor for the chaos of 2024, and the wonderful Liana Finck brought this idea to life. Bonus: It's 100% solvable!
    I also designed a landing page for the issue!

  • A Deepfake Horror Story by Olivia Carville and Margi Murphy
    One of the most terrifying stories I've had to art direct. Lulu Lin drew these gorgeous and horrifying faces to go with it.

  • Sextortion by Olivia Carville
    All text bubbles were taken verbatim from in-court documents and how-to sextortion videos online.

  • The DNA Delusion by Kristen V. Brown
    Beautiful helix-people by Saratta Chuengsatiansup to accompany a story on how mass-market genetic testing isn't quite living up to the hype.

  • Barbie Goes To The Movies by Kelly Giblom and Thomas Buckley
    We gathered more than 30 eager dolls to bring this idea to life (the child in me was very pleased). The crew member with the boom mic was a late addition to the set, but I thought she was too crucial to leave out.
    Photo Editor: Donna Cohen Photographer: Sarah Anne Ward Prop stylist: Andrea Greco

  • The Cities Issue 2023
    I knew pretty early on that I wanted the display type (Vroum GTI) to be integrated into the illustration in a pretty big way. The illustrator Jim Stoten obliged. Featuring a neon yellow PMS spot.
    Also coded a custom landing page for the entire issue here.

  • The Sneaky Genius of Apple’s AirPods Empire by Max Chafkin
    I made this cover all by myself in Photoshop with hundreds of layers of Airpods. There were many iterations made of this idea; however, we ended up going to print with the very first sketch that was pitched.

  • Is There Life After Death For Swiss Banking? by Hugo Miller and Jan-Henrik Foerster
    I came up with the idea of a Swiss-style funeral bouquet, and photo editor Amanda Savinon shot this (after hunting down the best chrysanthemums and hyacinths in the Miami area).

  • The Fall of a Crypto Empire by Olga Kharif, Yueqi Yang, and Hannah Miller
    SBF meets Breaking Bad. Idea executed fantastically by Chanyu Chen.

Ongoing art direction, concepting, and design for a range of cover stories for Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. Here is a selection of covers I especially loved working on.
Euphoria Fashion
Book design for A24’s Euphoria Fashion: a deep dive into the costume design and fashion world of hit TV series Euphoria, as written by costume designer Heidi Bivens. The book breaks down the evolution of costumes for the various characters and their character arcs, alternating between deep character costume studies and key episodic write-ups. It also features conversations with cast and crew, original essays by William Van Meter, Mitchell Kuga, José Criales-Unzueta, and Biz Sherbert on high-camp, normcore bondage and Euphoria memes found on Twitter. The book is a 4C-printed clothbound hardcover topped off with rainbow holographic foiled typography, and features a violet-silver Pantone ink throughout.

Euphoria Fashion is now available to purchase from the A24 Shop here.
Written by Heidi Bivens
Published by A24

Designed together with Elana Schlenker
Typography: EK Roumald by Erkin Karamemet
Lightbox photography by Nicholas Alan Cope
Edited by LinYee Yuan  
Head of A24 Publishing: Perrin Drumm
Publishing Operations Manager: Shayan Saalabi
Bloomberg Businessweek
Longform features and special issues
2022 – ongoing

Ongoing art direction, concepting, and print design for a range of longform feature stories and special issues for Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.
Columbia Books on Architecture and the City
Book design for Aeropolis, written by Nerea Calvillo and published by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City. Aeropolis follows air across its many forms—through smog and dust, bodies and breath, pollen, and weeds––laying out an unruly and relational way of designing-thinking-making across human and non-human matter, geopolitical ecologies, and aerial regimes. The book insists that we acknowledge the diversity of air and its relations, both physically and affectively; that we become sensible to it by living, breathing, seeing, holding, touching, queering airs.

The book features a clear glossy foil stamp and a blind-embossed air particulate pattern over the cover. Throughout the interior pages, the oversized page numbers move up and down the page, fluctuating in response to Nerea’s narrative shifts in the footnotes.

Aeropolis is available to purchase from Columbia Books on Architecture and the City here.
Written by Nerea Calvillo
Published by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City

Edited by Isabelle Kirkham-Lewitt and Joanna Joseph
Assistant Editor: Meriam Soltan
Lithography: Marjeta Morinc
Cover Pattern: John Provencher