Jordi Ng is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer, art director and occasional illustrator.

You can contact her at

Book design and art direction for A24’s Florida! — a 574-page hyper-local travel guide book to the most far-out state in America. The book features a puffy cover with blocky, eccentric display typography reminiscent of classic Florida postcards (here, a stretched version of Zaft by Jacob J. Wise). The color palette revolves around a “Florida Pink” swatch, a shade of pink that was pulled from the wildlife and architecture of the state. Each chapter of the book corresponds to a different geographical part of the state and begins with a fold-out illustrated map of the locations and landmarks in that chapter. Folios on the side of each page provide strong wayfinding and a sense of location throughout the book. 

Florida! is available to purchase from the A24 Shop here.
Edited by Gabrielle Calise
Published by A24

Designed and art directed with Studio Elana Schlenker
Illustrated by Gabriel Alcaca
Photo editing by Kyra Goldstein 
Special thanks to Shayan Saalabi
Head of A24 Publishing: Perrin Drumm
Skyline Mini Golf
The Walker
Identity design and accompanying illustrations for The Walker’s Skyline Mini Golf 2022 which features a ten-hole, artist-designed course on the rooftop of The Walker. The identity revolves around a golf course of holes and balls suspended in a dreamy summer air. The main display type used across the identity features oversized oval tittles that serves as a further visual nod to the world of golf holes and balls.

The identity was carried out across out-of-home posters in Minneapolis, print collateral for The Walker such free passes and tickets, museum signage, T-shirts, as well as digital ads.
Designed with Studio Elana Schlenker
Typeface: Elastik C by Benoit Bodhuin
Produced by Jake Yuzna (The Walker)
Thresholds 50: Before | After
MIT School of Architecture
Publication design for the 50th issue of MIT School of Architecture’s peer-reviewed journal, Thresholds. The theme of the issue, “Before | After”, deals with the poignancies of the passage of time, looking backward and forward, at pasts, past futures, and present possibilities. As an allusion to the murky thresholds of “before” and “after”, the book features a neon red PMS spot color that ebbs and flows from the cover art through every single red in the book in fluctuating amounts—whether it’s through archival imagery, present-day photographs, differing gradient floods, handwritten elements, and even the threads in the Swiss-bound spine—serving as a metaphor for in-between moments that hint at the future and remind us that the past is sticky, persistent, and, in many ways, always with us.

Thresholds 50: Before | After can be purchased directly from MIT Press here.
Edited by Jola Idowu, Antonio Pacheco, Ardalan Sadeghikivi, and Meriam Soltan
Published by MIT Press

Lithography by Marjeta Morinc

Meter Magazine
Magazine redesign and art direction for Tracksmith’s Meter Magazine, a longform publication about the hidden side of running culture. Overhauling its original broadsheet format, the redesign sought to lengthen shelf life of the magazine, featuring a printed cloth tape spine with the table-of-contents running off the edges to allow for readers to quickly browse past issues at a glance.  

Past and current issues of the magazine featuring the redesign can be purchased from Tracksmith here.
Edited by Andy Waterman (Tracksmith)
Published by Tracksmith

Designed with Doubleday and Cartwright
Creative direction by Aaron Amaro and Rafa Oliveira (Tracksmith)
Photo edited by Shane Lyons
Portraits of Her      
Vans x Record Store Day
Design and photo-illustrations for a 32-page risoprinted zine that served as a print accompaniment to Portraits of Her, a vinyl album created by Vans and Record Store Day in celebration of groundbreaking women in the music industry. Risoprinted in Scarlet, Aqua, Yellow, Black and Metallic Gold and featuring a matching metallic gold foil stamp on the cover.
Creative Direction by Bruno Luglio and the Vans team
Risoprinting and color profile by Risolve